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ScoutEagle DateYear
1John M. Martin 1944
2Robert Renaker Miller 1944
3Roy Owen Martin 1949
4David Raum 1960
5William Wentz 1960
6Michael Creusere 1961
7George Wilson Jr. 1961
8Pat W. Smith 1964
9Richard E. Wentz 1964
10James McMannus 1965
11David Engles 1967
12Timothy McNay 1974
13John Marshall9/30/19921992
14Ethan Coble4/4/19941994
15James Randall6/17/19951995
16Russell Zimmerman10/9/19951995
17Bryan Hughes11/13/19951995
18Matthew Bryant12/11/19951995
19Lydell Lopez2/18/19971997
20John Challis2/2/19991999
21Ryan Miller2/9/19991999
22Robert Cahill3/2/19991999
23Bradley Sorrell3/2/19991999
24Matthew Brady1/27/20002000
25Christopher Brady2/1/20002000
26Jared Whalen2/22/20002000
27Charles Andrade11/14/20002000
28Christopher Walsh12/12/20002000
29Patrick Fitzsimmons11/22/20042004
30James Lipscomb2/7/20052005
31Troy Fitzsimmons10/24/20052005
32Daniel Zembrodt10/24/20052005
33Joseph Watkins1/9/20062006
34Jason Meyer2/6/20062006
35Evan Swanson4/24/20062006
36Nick Iott6/20/20062006
37Craig Watkins12/19/20062006
38Patrick Walsh7/18/20072007
39Andrew Murton5/11/20112011
40Tanner Mudd8/4/20142014
41Steve Boemker2/19/20152015
42Patrick Fales12/26/20162016
43Cullen Sefranek5/13/20172017
44Richard Griffith8/14/20172017
45Stephen Lee5/14/20182018
46Kade D'Addario8/16/20182018